Meet'in EuroMed

Issue 3


Issue 3 - August 2004

(by Rui Gomes, Councile of Europe, Directorate of Youth and Sports, Budapest)
NA's perspective: Spain in EuroMed (by Paloma Iznaola Bravo, Injuve, Spain)
A desire for something new (by Sanda Serafinovica, Latvian NA, Latvia)
NC's perspective: Moroccan governmental youth policy and the Euro-Mediterranean cooperation (by Yacine Bellarab, Morocco)
Event: Follow the women - Cycling for peace(by Yiota Kamaratos, Cyprus)
Participant's perspective: Impressions of a SALTO TC participant (by Hoda Rashwan, Egypt)
EuroMed good practices: Action 1: "Arts and crafts within the Euro-Med area" (by M'Barek Chochene, "La Maison de Jeunes Magrébins" Radès, Tunisia)
Action 2: "From Portugal to Jordan" (by Bruno Neio, Portugal)
Action 5: Study visit "Integration of women in society in Mediterranean countries" (by Mahdia Iklef, France)

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