Meet'in EuroMed

Issue 2

Issue 2 - April 2004
Edito (by Hervé Mécheri, Director INJEP, France)
NA's perspective: EuroMed in Hungary, Hungary in EuroMed (by László Földi, Mobilitas, Hungary)
The EuroMed Youth Co-operation within the BEFR National Agency  (by Fatima Laanan, BIJ, Belgium)
NC's perspective: What does it mean to be a EuroMed National Coordinator in Palestine (by Dua'a Qurie, Palestine)
EuroMed Youth Seminar on "Non verbal communication"(by David Krausz, Israel
Trainer's perspective: Growing with EuroMed (by Roy Abou Habib, Lebanon), Hand in hand (by Cedar, Jordan)
EuroMed good practices:
Action 1: "Le chemins de Ghardaia" (by Abdelmadjiid Bouamer, APPPE Ghardaia, Algeria and Georges Penelon, D'Ecouves Vertes, France)
Action 2: "My voluntary service in Morocco" (by Carlos, Spain)
Action 5: "Is there another life after ... a training course?" (by Davide Tonon, Italy)

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