Meet'in EuroMed

Issue 11


Issue 11-Decembre 2008

Edito: by Bernard Abrignani - Euromed Team Leader
Euromed Youth Cooperation:
- Evaluation of the third phase of the EMY programme (Sylvain Abrial and Clément Dupuis)
- Youth in Mediterranean partner countries (Gisèle Kirby)
Salto-Youth EuroMed Activities
- Participants' point of view: Environmentalists on board (Marios Psarras), If only environment could be just as music... (Letizia Gambini) - Testimony from Rehab Abo El Ela
- Tool: The need of intercultural sharing "How and why the Viking civilization in Greenland disappeared?"
Youth projects experiences
- Democracy without borders (Georges Pénelon)
- Explore, Understand, promote: Respect and understanding in the euro-mediterranean region (Ms. Rasha R. Fityan Saleem)
- Let's cook! (Anna Krzeszowska)
- Connect Mediterranean sides, to fight against racism and xenophobia (Kawn Touma)
- Let's talk about future (Katarzyna Görak-sosnowska)
Euro-Mediterranean partners
-Meda youth Parliament (Wadia Ait Hamza)
- EuroMed Youth Platform "Bridging every corner of the Mediterranean and beyond (Amanda Zammit)

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