Meet'in EuroMed

Issue 13


Issue 13 - March 2010

Edito: Salto-Youth Resource Centres with you for 10 years!

Salto EuroMed activities: focus on 2009
Culture connect

- Art and traditional sports, vectors for intercultural dialogue, by Salto EuroMed RC
- What happened to me for the first time at the seminar "Art as a tool for interfultural dialogue"? by Ieva Kazlauskait, participant
Inter-regional cooperation

- Let's meet, let's work and let's evaluate... let's coordinate it! by Davide Tonon, Coordinator of the 3 seminars
Inter-regional Youth projects

- DEOR of the Inter-regional cooperation, by Salto EuroMed RC
- Faith and Debate - Understanding cultural differences through reliogions... by Angelica Perra, Project Manager- TDM 2000
- Promoting minority youth empowerment in europe, by Walk Together
- Testimony from Gledis Kallogieri
Sustainable environment

- Protecting the Mediterranean Environment "Youth will make the difference!", by Deniz Ölçek, participant
- Focus on the group sessions (Energy and water management)
Conference on EuroMed and European Voluntary Service: Tools for Human Development
- Introduction, by Sylvain Abrial
- Testimony from Sally Salem, participant and free-lance trainer
- Testimony from Stefanos Stefandis, participant and EU programme manager for the Hellenic Association of Informatics (HAI)
- Study on EVS in Euro-Med region (extract from the study carried out by Asuman Göksel, researcher)
Participant's testimony

- How Salto-Youth has made a difference... in Plunge?! by Lina Vosyliute

Hosting NA's point of view
- TOOL FAIR: the key to feel in the heart of the movement of Youth in Action, by the Portuguese NA

- Salto-Youth EuroMed Strategy 2010, by Salto EuroMed RC
- Salto-Youth EuroMed activities for 2010

- Dialogue Among Civilisations, by Gisèle Kirby
- Democracy within EuroMed context: Illusion or reality?, by Marco Boaria

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