Meet'in EuroMed

Issue 8


Issue 8-Dec. 2006/Jan. 2007

Euro-med Youth Programme III: Meda countries are ready to start again! by B.Abrignani
2.Trainers point of view:
1. "EuroMed Contact Making Seminars: sailing for future cooperation" by S.Abrial and D.Tonon 2."Two women training on Role and place of Women in the Euro-med context" by L Barbieri and Z.Arruza
3.Participant point of view:
"A journey full of experiences and learing through Euromed" by A.Erdoan
4.Example of Euromed Youth project:
"Building bridges between European and Mediterranean cultures" byA.Erdoan 5.EuroMed realities: "TATEM Evaluation Seminar: Visit to the charitable Women Association El-Khir in Essaouira" by L Barbieri 6.EuroMed Good Practices: Preparing young people for intercultural experiences by Roy Abou Habib
7.Euromed Training Activity:
"MOSAICO a seminar on Partnership porcess in Euomed" by S.Abrial and F.Demicheli 8.Event: "Tool Fair, gathering and exchanging good practices in the youth field" by C.Dupuis

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