Meet'in EuroMed

Issue 9


Issue 9-October 2007

: by Salto EuroMed Team
Event : Let's Meet Our Neighbours and the World : Big kick-off seminar stood in Marly-le-Roi for the launching of the Youth in Action programme and especially the Action 3 "Youth in the World"
EuroMed : Focus on EuroMed Youth III Programme: Background and the first results following up the evaluation committees.
EMYP : Euro-Mediterranean Youth Parliament : the point of view of an active participant to the First Euro-Mediterranean Youth Parliament organised and supported by the German Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the Goethe-Institut and the Heinz Schwarzkopf Foundation, in cooperation with the European Commission and the Anna Lindh Foundation for the dialogue between cultures.
Cooperative Projects : - EuroMed Gender Connections Network - Youth and Non Violence organisation. Testimonies from active stakeholders in the field of Youth.
Training : Let's meet the three Cultures: article from our coordinator for this training. 3 TCs had been organised in 2004-2005-2006 and the next step will be in 2007 in Paris.

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