Meet'in EuroMed 14

Special Focus on Volunteering and Employability

What's new in Meet'in EuroMed?

The issue n 14 is focus on Volunteering and Employability.... but you can find much more:

2010: SALTO-YOUTH EuroMed 's activities

Capitalising on past results and taking on new challenges
Knowledge Sharing
When geopolitical factors challenge cooperation,
let's get trained!
Traditional sports and games as a tool for intercultural learning
Change your life today. Don't gamble on the future, act now,
withou delay
The EuroMed Game: was it really needed?

Special interview

“Arab youth is challenging the status quo by clamouring for freedom and
participation", Ermete Mariani talks with Taoufik Laouzari.

Dossier: volunteering and employability

Youth volunteering across Europe
Hey, youth field! Where are you headed?
No more youth unemployment!
Volunteering as a step towards employability
Youth and volunteering in Spain from a comparative European perspective
Youth and Employment in France
Youthpass and Volunteers' employability.Frequently Discussed Questions


Tools for Learning
European Voluntary Service, a unique experiences for everyone
Volunteering for Social Inclusion: supporting young adults
as they pave their way to employment
New Media in Old City - Camera, Action,Reflection.
Bridges to Work - connecting employment stakeholders
and initiatives
EuroMed Youth IV: investing in youth as agents of change





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  • Meet'in EuroMed 14

    The new issue of SALTO-YOUTH EuroMed Magazine "Meet'in EuroMed". Special Focus on Volunteering and Employability.

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