Validate your references

You need to add minimum 3 references to your TOY profile - but you can add more. You can do this via your TOY dasboard (when you log in to your TOY profile). The references need to fit the minimum criteria.

You can only save complete references (all boxes need to be filled out), otherwise you will get an error message asking you for more information. You can of course add a few temporary words and elaborate more at a later stage.

References need to be validated by a reference person

When you are ready with your reference, you should ask a reference person for the activity to 'validate' (approve) it. Click the 'request validation' button and add your reference person's contact details - and a personal message if you want.

  • The reference person will get an email with an activation link to the reference activity from your TOY profile.
  • The reference person can reject or approve the reference AND optionally add a comment/ recommendation to your TOY refernce.
  • If your reference person does not respond, you can re-send the request for validation at any time (or contact your reference person to see if the validation request ended up in the spam box).
  • Once a reference has been validated, if you change this reference, the validation (of the new information) will have to be carried out again. You will need to send a new request for validation.

You need to request one validation for each training reference from your TOY profile.


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