Yearly TOY refreshment

In order to ensure that the users of TOY get recent up-to-date information, SALTO is doing a TOY refreshment at regular intervals. At the same time we know that you (and your reference persons) are still active.

Automatic re-confirmation by reference persons

The reference persons are an important quality feature of TOY. Nobody will hire a trainer just from an online profile. That's why we ask trainers for reference persons who can give more information about the trainer in action.

If reference persons cannot be contacted, this quality feature of TOY is lost. That's why the TOY system asks a reference person every 12 months to reconfirm that their details are still correct and that they are still ok to be a reference person.

  • The TOY system sends a 're-confirmation link' to each reference persons after a year of service. 
  • Via a simple link the reference persons can update their contact details, add a (new) professional recommendation and reconfirm (or reject) that they want to be a reference person.
  • During this period, the reference status will go to 'awaiting validation' till the reference person Okays it. None of the information in the reference description will be lost.

If a reference person doesn't confirm... (prolonged status 'awaiting validation')

  • Check if the reference person received the 're-confirmation link' (the automatic emails sometimes end up in spam filters).
  • Trainers can always resend the 'validation request' (which includes the confirmation link) from the TOY dashboard. Make sure the email of the reference person is correct.
  • If it takes too long, or the reference persons chooses not to be a reference person anymore, the trainer can ask another reference person to validate the training reference (via the TOY dashboard).
  • Of course a trainer can always delete 'old' references and add more recent references (validated by new reference persons). That way the TOY profile stays fresh and crispy ;-)

Beat the system - keep your references up to date!

Instead of waiting for the 12 months expiry date of a reference validation, we recommend trainers to change / embellish / correct their training references just before the 12 months. Then ask a validation of the changes by the same or a new reference person - before the automatic refreshment system does it ;-)

Keep your TOY profile up to date

SALTO will ask you every year to update your TOY profile (by a certain deadline).

  • Check your contact details and submit any changes. Bouncing emails/contacts are not valid and could cause your TOY profile to go offline. Because if we cannot contact you, how can a training organiser contact you?
  • Look through your TOY profile and see if all information is still accurate - maybe you gained some additional training skills or are not interested in other training issues anymore - maybe you want to upload a more recent CV or picture - maybe you have more relevant or more recent references?
  • Also if you think your profile is still up-to-date, you will need to make a little change and save it - this way the Last Modification date on your TOY profile is updated.

If you don't update your TOY profile, by the deadline specified, SALTO will take your TOY profile temporarily off-line HOWEVER your information will still be stored in the TOY database and you can still access (and update) it with your usual username & password. As soon as you have updated the information, SALTO can activate it again, after the usual quality check.

  • If you do not remember your username and/or password - you can request a new one to be sent to the email we have on file for you.
  • If you wish to delete your TOY profile, you can do so via your TOY dashboard (when logged in).
  • But it is also possible to switch your TOY profile to 'invisible' for a certain period (e.g. while traveling, family break,...), if you wish not to appear in the search results (but still keep your activation status).
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