Which training references qualify? Which don't?

The minimum criteria to be listed online in TOY (public profile) are to have done at least 3 different international/intercultural training activities in the youth (work) field (of minimum 3 days) as a full time trainer using non-formal learning methods, preferably in a residential setting.

This gives an indication that the trainer knows what it means to work in an international setting, to steer an intercultural group process, to develop a course concept, to use dynamic learning methods, etc. The reason for this is that most of the users of TOY are looking for experience in this field.

The references should:

  • refer to tasks you carried out as a trainer responsible for educational processes (NOT youth workers leading a youth exchange, NOT organisers of conferences or campaigns, NOT participants in courses...)
  • refer to (preferably residential) training activities of at least 3 days (as most of the TOY users look for trainers for residential training activities - in these longer activities the group dynamic component is more prominent) as a full time trainer steering the group dynamics and the ongoing learning (NOT doing only isolated workshops or sessions)
  • NOT be youth exchanges or youth camps, scattered short training-sessions over a longer period, consulting or coaching of people/organisations, organisational management of a (training) activity...
  • in case of doubt ask toy@salto-youth.net

You need to request a reference person to validate each of your TOY references!

Activate your profile

Once your trainer profile is complete AND you have submitted three training references that fit the minimum criteria, then you can ask the TOY administrator to 'activate your TOY profile' (switch it online). Use the link in your TOY dashboard (after you logged in).

After a standard quality check, the TOY administrator can request additional changes or activate your profile. WELCOME in TOY! You will receive a simplified direct link to your TOY profile (http://trainers.salto-youth.net/yourname/) which you can use on your business cards, CV, correspondence, etc

  • Should the activation of your TOY-profile experience any delays, please inform the TOY administrator via toy@salto-youth.net


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