You are a new trainer?

Are you interested to become a trainer in the youth field and list yourself in the TOY database?

Who is in TOY?

TOY is for experienced international trainers from the youth (work) field. Therefore we request a minimum of 3 international training references.

How can you get 3 international youth work training experiences?

There are different ways to become active in the youth work training field and get the 3 training references you need to be listed in TOY:

  • Start as a junior trainer or trainee.
  • Ask your Erasmus+ Youth in Action national agency if they need a (junior) trainer.
  • Be a trainer on an international training activity of your youth NGO.
  • Organise your own training course within Erasmus+ Youth in Action (Key Action 1).

Once you have 3 international training references, you can create your TOY profile.

  • Make sure your references are international (participants from different countries)
  • It should be training courses or seminars (no camps, no youth exchanges, ...)
  • They should use non-formal learning, interactive methods (no school activities)
  • You should work on them as a full time trainer (not just doing a session here and there)
  • The activity should last minimum 3 full days - preferably residential (so you steer a group and learning for a longer period of time)

More questions?

Feel free to ask the TOY administrator:

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