Send a call for trainers

Are you looking for an experienced youth (work) trainer to work on your activity? It is now possible to launch a 'call for trainers' and reach all TOY trainers trainers in One Go!

  • The Call for Trainers system is to recruit TRAINERS to work for you on a training activity (e.g. facilitate, run sussions, do inputs, coach processes) or write educational publications.
  • To recruit PARTICIPANTS to participate in your activity, please use the Training Calendar, (also if you are looking for participants with a trainer background).

Get trainers that fit your event

Fill in the online Call for Trainers form (log in with your SALTO username and password - or create one). After a short quality check, your call goes to all trainers in the TOY database. On average, each call harvests about 25-30 trainer-candidates from which you can compose a trainers' team.

Make sure you add the following information in the call (or add a simple text/word document):

  • information about the training activity (dates, aims, target group,...)
  • the requested trainers profile (required competences, knowledge, language skills, experience,...)
  • working conditions (preparation meetings, trainer fees, cost reimbursement, number of trainers in team,...)
  • application & selection procedure (information needed, questionnaire, deadlines,...)
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