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Are you looking for an experienced youth (work) trainer to work on your activity? It is now possible to launch a 'call for trainers' and reach all TOY trainers trainers in One Go!

  • The Call for Trainers system is to recruit TRAINERS to work for you on a training activity (e.g. facilitate, run sussions, do inputs, coach processes) or write educational publications.
  • To recruit PARTICIPANTS to participate in your activity, please use the Training Calendar, (also if you are looking for participants with a trainer background).

Get trainers that fit your event

Fill in the online Call for Trainers form (log in with your SALTO username and password - or create one). After a short quality check, your call goes to all trainers in the TOY database. On average, each call harvests about 25-30 trainer-candidates from which you can compose a trainers' team.

Make sure you add the following information in the call (or add a simple text/word document):

  • information about the training activity (dates, aims, target group,...)
  • the requested trainers profile (required competences, knowledge, language skills, experience,...)
  • working conditions (preparation meetings, trainer fees, cost reimbursement, number of trainers in team,...)
  • application & selection procedure (information needed, questionnaire, deadlines,...)

Past Calls for Trainers

  • In 2003, the system of "calls for trainers" was tested: 5 calls for 13 trainers were sent out to TOY.
  • This number rocketed in 2004 to appr. 85 trainers positions on 34 activities.
  • In 2005, we recruited 55 trainers for 22 activities.
  • In 2006, SALTO offered 89 trainer positions via TOY.
  • In 2007, we advertised 138 trainer positions, 45 in 2008 and 49 in 2009..
  • In 2011, we recruited 71 trainers via TOY and in 2012 no less than 92.

and we hope to increase this number in the future through the active promotion of the possibility of calls for TOY trainers for training organisers.

Some examples of calls for Trainers

  • Call for 2 facilitators for RegionNet, a training course on Transnational Youth Initiatives in Poland.
  • Call for 2 Trainers & 1 rapporteur for TC InterCOM - Dialogue in Action - of SALTO Cultural Diversity & Romanian + Bulgarian NA
  • Youth-Partnership - call for external consultants (trainers) Training for Trainers
  • SALTO EECA - Building Bridges in Conflict areas - 3 trainers and 1 reporter
  • AEGEE external Trainers - Training for Trainers for young citizens - Bucharest
  • SALTO Cultural Diversity Vacancy - project assistant
  • SALTO SEE - Call for training providers - European Voluntary Service in South East Europe
  • YEU - call for 2 senior trainers - "Small actions can change the world - LTTC for local youth initiatives"
  • Call for a pool of 6/8 trainers for the Get in Net Training Courses 2008 for Transnational Youth Initiatives - organised by the SALTO Participation RC
  • Call for 5 online & offline facilitators for the European Science Parliament 2008 in Aachen
  • Call for 1 Consultant to document of the Evaluation Seminar of the Advanced Compass Training in Human Rights Education of the Council of Europe
  • Call for trainer participants for a training course for trainers on "Self-directed learning: developing new approaches" - organised by IKAB in the frame of the Grundtvig programme
  • and many many more...
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