Why be a TOY trainer? Advantages of being in TOY

The advantages of being in TOY is that you get found, get know and get training course offers!

  • TOY allows users to search efficiently on several criteria at once (training skills, language, country, etc). This makes it easier to find more appropriate trainers with whom training organisers would not cooperate otherwise.
  • An increasing number of training organisers from all over Europe find their way to TOY. Have a look at the TOY statistics.
  • SALTO and more and more other organisations use TOY to launch calls for trainers. You get more opportunity to apply for training jobs.
  • When you are activated in TOY, you receive a userfriendly link to your TOY profile, which you can use on business cards, CVs and training applications. It looks like http://trainers.salto-youth.net/FirstNameLastName/.

Part of a bigger training project!

  • SALTO goes out to a wide variety of meetings to promote their work and of course TOY. So indirectly you benefit from the promotion made.
  • Your TOY username & password is at the same time your SALTO username and gives you access to other SALTO functionalities, such as the Toolbox for Training (which allows you to share training tools with other trainers in Europe), mySALTO, your SALTO newsletter subscriptions, online applications to training courses,...
  • And more functionalities to come....

And it is absolutely free to register - it only takes some of your time to update your TOY profile.


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