You are a trainer? Create your TOY profile.

If you are an experienced international youth work trainer and you fit the minimum criteria, then you are welcome to create your trainer profile in TOY.

  1. Log in to your TOY profile page with your SALTO username & password.
    (if you don't have a username yet, simply register and a password will be sent to your email - you can change this password anytime via mySALTO).
  2. Edit your trainer profile: give information about your training skills, work experience and educational background.
  3. Add minimum 3 references for international youth (work) training activities on which you worked as a full-time trainer.
  4. Request the validation of your training references from the reference persons of your choice (e.g. organiser, colleague trainer, etc.)
  5. Submit your TOY profile for activation to the TOY administrator and we will switch you online after a standard quality check.

It is only after the activation by the TOY admin that your TOY profile will show up in trainer searches. In case of problems or questions, feel free to ask the TOY administrator

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