Username & password

You can use your SALTO username & password for your TOY profile. The other way around, if you created a username & password to access TOY, you will be able to use it for all other SALTO tools (e.g. toolbox for training, training calendar, online applications, etc.)

The contact details of your TOY profile are automatically taken from the details you registered in mySALTO. You can change those contact details via

  • Be aware that if you change your personal details in mySALTO, that they will change on all items linked to your profile (e.g. your newsletter subscriptions, the tools you added in the toolbox, the courses you applied for,...)

Forgotten your password or username? No problem!

SALTO does not have access to your encrypted passwords BUT we have installed an automatic password retrieval system (follow the link on each login page). Simply enter the email that we have on file for you and your username plus a new password will be automatically sent to you. 

Please change your password via mySALTO upon your next login and remember it or keep it in a safe place.

  • Should you still have problems logging in - contact the TOY administrator via

Change contact details

You can change your personal details such as address, email, phone, nationality, website, age and password via the mySALTO dashboard. Simply click on mySALTO in the right top corner of any SALTO page and log in with your SALTO username and password.

  • Your TOY profile is linked to your SALTO username.
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