Searching & finding trainers

There are 3 ways to look for trainers:

  • You can browse the complete list of trainers in TOY
  • You can search (=apply filters) trainers that fit specific criteria
  • You can do a 'call for trainers' and ask relevant trainers to apply for the trainer jobs you offer.

You can search TOY by applying 'search filters'. You can search per country (of residence) or add training & language skills as search criteria. For each of the skills you can specify the minimum level required.

  • The trainer skills have been based on commonly requested and available competences.
  • The pre-defined language skills are the official EU languages and those of neighbouring regions.

If your search is not successful (no result), try indicating less search criteria. On the contrary, if you have too many trainers in your search result, you can add search criteria.

  • It is not possible (anymore) to search per gender, age or nationality, to avoid discrimination.

You can also order the search results according to name, country and last modification.

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