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Young Folks LV is also non-formal learning space for useful competences and skills for young people. In Young Folks LV teenagers participate in different types of activities – trainings and workshops, volunteering and team work, travelling and youth exchanges. We are very encouraged to participate in the international youth projects and support our teenagers of 13-16 and youth 16-30 years old in setting up Youth Exchanges and Youth Initiatives under Erasmus+ programme. We are very interested in meeting new friends from all over the world, travelling, discovering new cultures and lifestyles, communicating in English and trying to learn other languages, getting new experience and great memories!

We started our new project of Youth Center of Social Entrepreneurship to foster young people employability and support their entrepreneurship spirit. We help our youngsters to develop their creative ideas and get financing in the local projects; we provide an opportunity to make own money through workshops; we organise non-formal education for languages and career guidance, and we support the volunteering activities.

In Young Folks LV we organised a nice and cosy youth space – YUMTA. It’s the best youth place in Riga for learning and leisure, and everybody is very welcome!

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Past projects

Please inspire me

We are young artists aged from 16 to 18 from Latvia. Our project is dedicated to art and to the search of inspiration.

Photo Shoot

The photo project with youngsters who want to share their photo skills and learn new experience from others.

‘Back to the Origins’ for painters - teenagers

The art project will take place in France.The main goal is to improve the style of the artists, as the deterioration of the style is evident nowadays.

Modernism art in France

We need partner from PARIS!We invite ONLY PAINTERS The theme of this project is art particulary Modernism art in France during the end of 19th and 20th cent.


Our project mainly focuses on learning to learn using creative thinking and Latin, which will help us train our memory and enhance our linguistic skills.

Youth Chanse (Youth Business Incubator) Youth iniciative

Youth Chanse (Youth Business Incubator) Youth iniciative 16+ We try to find groups of young people, who are interested in business area. Based in Riga

The voice of music

This summer will have an Erasmus+ project in Latvia. Theme is "The Voice Of Music". It is a musical project, together with 5 countries based in Riga.

New Media Platform for social projects

Mission: to solve social problems by communication. Make communication of social projects informative, interesting and stood out from the information flow.

Release your inner peace

Looking for good cooperation with partners. We are NGO Young Folks LV from Latvia (Riga), but youth exchange will be in France (Paris). Please write in email.

Future Education

The Education of Future. Project is directed to solve problems of the education system nowadays.

ESC World ambassadors in Riga

We are searching partner organization from Ukraine (for developing media project), Netherlands (for Urban Folks), Sweden or other country (for Green Folks).

Make a change

Looking for strong partner, who is ready to join for our project in Egypt. Best option if you work and create local community and work with your own youngsters.

ESC project in Latvia: looking for a volunteer!

Looking for ESC volunteer to come to join our one year project in Riga, Latvia.

Become a best friend of emotions

We want to create project in Latvia only with one strong partner, who is working with teenagers and have local community for long term partnership. Age 15-17.

Sport is a universal language

We are youth organization from Riga, Latvia - Young Folks LV. Want to find good partners who work with teenagers - Age 15-18 years old.

Sport for All

Project topic: development of inclusive sports and sports community.

Mental health and teenage stress issues

Our project was created by a group of Latvian students aged 16-18 who are very concerned about the mental health of teenagers like us

Training in Riga Multiply

The youth organization from Riga (LV Young Folks LV (OID E10054579) organizes MULTIPLY training on the financial sustainability of NGOs and youth organizations.

Waste Allocation Load Lifter, Earth-class (Walle)

Our YE topic is "Popularisation of garbage processing". Looking for partners who are interested in Ecology.


we want to help teenagers who have problems with socialization and the manifestation of their leadership qualities

Young Business

We want to create business incubator for young people to explore topic and get new skills. Please write if you are expert and you have experience.

Need partners for project “From bad habits to a healthy lifestyle”

Project about reducing bad habits and switching to a healthier lifestyle.

Need partners for project “Soft skills development”

Project about improving soft skills useful for young people in modern society.

7-8 projects from LATVIA (YOUNG FOLKS LV)

Hi to everybody our dear partners! With youngsters Young Folks LV we will apply for 7-8 projects in this deadline.

The Balance of Life

Life Balance project is based on a work in progress for young people.What is it like to live life to the fullest,enjoy every moment of life and try new things?

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Young Folks LV

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Young Folks LV is

a Non-profit/Non-Governmental Organisation
based in Latvia (Riga)
  • Latvia Riga
focused on
  • Art
  • Children
  • Dance
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Health
  • Innovation
  • Leadership
  • Media and communication
  • Sports
  • Volunteering
and interested in:
  • Youth Exchanges
  • Volunteering Activities (formerly EVS)
  • Transnational Youth Initiatives
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Meetings between young people and decision-makers
Young Folks LV in 160 characters:

We are the modern,active and open-minded young people from Riga(Latvia). We have groups of youth in Art,Photo,Video,Businness, Urban Folks,Green Folks, YF Sport

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