Future Education

The Education of Future. Project is directed to solve problems of the education system nowadays.

The Education of Future. Project is directed to solve problems of the education system nowadays. Now everybody are unsatisfied about education – pupils, parents, teachers, schools, businessmans. Every country is making steps, which could possibly lead to improvement of the situation and to the crisis of education softening. However, our world is changing so fast, that such a heavy and hulking system can’t update in time. It always stays behind and doesn’t fit the requirements and demands of the modern world. No one knows what the future will be like, but it has to be shaped by the participants, pupils, interested experts, because no good is going to happen by itself. 8 countries, leaders of informal education, are ready to be involved in the project to come up with a solution for their countries and world community, thereby ready to explore and search for the best methods, systems, solutions for the future education. While reaching common goals, each country will be solving local problems of their country. Each country specialises on education and is an expert in their own field. When working on our own side, together we will be able to unite our efforts and achieve common goals. In three years time there are going to be 8 work meetings in each country. Transnational Project Meeting, 2 LEARNING ACTIVITIES, 4 Multiplier events. As a result of the project we are going to develop 8 methods about the problems of education, 80 methods about working with youngsters and an ecosystem of educational projects.

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Future Education is a project by
Young Folks LV
taking place
from 2018-05-01 till 2020-12-01
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