Sport for All

Project topic: development of inclusive sports and sports community.

Sport allows for physical and spiritual development, to reach new limits and for gaining self confidence in life. We consider that the understanding of “Youth” and “Sport” are not only connected to each other but actually complement each other. We can see nowadays that sport initiatives do not develop fast enough in European cities and villages. Specialists and young politicians should pay attention to this fact. This project is deeply connected with one of the goals of the Erasmus+ program: “Developing the European dimension in sport, in particular grassroots sport, in line with the EU work plan for sport”. The topic of the project is how to create a sports environment and sports events in cities as well as in villages for all (kids, adults, seniors, teenagers, people with disabilites and mental disabilities) . By this means youth will be able to do sport and to have an active lifestyle according to their own interests and physical conditions. We plan to analyze some ways, by which it is possible to develop such sport initiatives.
1. To teach participants how to organize quality sports events and sport comunity for All (kids, adults, seniors, teenagers, people with disabilites and mental disabilities).
2. Tell participants how to effectively develop a sports environment.
3. Raising awareness about the great benefit of sport in our lives
4. Learning how to organize sports events.
5. Learning the benefits of sports events in our community.
6. Inspiration for Civil Activism, Increasing Creativity, Sense of Initiative.
7. Organizational and logistical skills.
8. Creating a Sports Day
9. Develop english skills and employability
10. Promoting Erasmus+ Opportunities
11. Develop comunication and networking skills
12. Develop leadership and listening skills
13. Develop critical thinking skills
Goal of the project:
To attract youth from 6 countries to the development of sports environment in their home country/city/village for All and to popularise sports lifestyle through organisation of sports events with the methods and abilities learned during the project.
There is a sport department in Young Folks LV called "Sporta Draugi". We carry out a European Solidarity Corps projects “More than Sport” and "Where is my sport?". Thanks to this projects we are able to see many problems for youth sport in different regions. Particularly we realize that local organizations do not pay enough attention to sport. This is a pity! We can not tell if these organizations lack the knowledge to do so but, after each event we have carried out on several regions in Latvia, participants eagerly ask us when we will come for the next activity. This exposes a problem we aim to solve. This project will bring participants the opportunity to acquire the required skills to organize sport events and develop their sport environment in cities and village.

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Sport for All is a project by
Young Folks LV
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from 2022-01-01 till 2022-12-31
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