Become a best friend of emotions

We want to create project in Latvia only with one strong partner, who is working with teenagers and have local community for long term partnership. Age 15-17.

The name of the project is " Become a best friend of emotions".
During 7 days of the project, 20 participants from Latvia and "country X" will learn how to fight internal fears, control emotions and develop critical thinking using non-formal education, namely, tests, group tasks and exercises that have been tested by specialists.
Every day we will light up one of the emotions ( for example: fear, anger, Shyness.). I'm going to invite a specialist one day to tell attendees how to properly control emotions and become strong,self-confident. In our project the lecture will be given by a specialist who will tell us how to perform in front of the audience and teach participants the necessary qualities in order to achieve goals. In addition, one of the days will include yoga, an obstacle course in "Mežakaķis" and team work that will help teenagers get out of their comfort zone and develop the ability to control emotions.

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Project overview

Become a best friend of emotions is a project by
Young Folks LV
taking place
from 2020-08-01 till 2021-12-31
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