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Having undertaken a wide range of training, I now hold developing experience of delivering informal and nonformal training activities. I am creative in my approach to designing and delivering training courses on a wide range of subjects, especially linked to soft skill development, intercultural sensitivity and inclusion. With developed experience in the charity and voluntary sector, I am able to work with people from a variety of backgrounds, maintaining an important personable approach.

Leila Usmani has 9 references for past work as a trainer.

Leila Usmani

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Current occupation

Freelance Trainer / Youth Worker

Work experience

I have experience in designing, developing, delivering and evaluating training in the following subjects, taking into consideration the learning needs, aims and objectives as well as desired outcomes and outputs of the target group and organisation I continually evaluate training with participants to ensure the best possible delivery, utilising informal techniques to engage participants and learn through doing.

Equality and Diversity
Cultural Awareness
Stereotypes/ Prejudice
Culture Shock
Inter-cultural Communication
Problem solving
Conflict Resolution
Volunteering, Rights + Responsibilities Evaluation Skills
Action Planning
Achieving Learning Outcomes
CV Writing
Transferable skill identification
Informal eductaion reflection (Youth Pass)
Budgeting Money
Social Media Responsibilities

ENGAGEMENT & TRAINING OFFICER, Cardiff City of Sanctuary, Displaced People in Action June 2017 - Present
•Training asylum seekers and refugees in public speaking, confidence and training for trainers to become Speakers of Experience
•Co-delivering, with Speakers, awareness raising training and workshops to local and national third sector organisations, health boards, universities, councils and governments.
•Establishing a Steering Committee through network consultation exercises and project handover

YOUTH WORKER - Mencap Cymru
•Supporting young people with learning disabilities to undertake outdoor educational activities
•Delivering informal education activities to develop confidence independence friendships and initiative in young people

•Recruiting, training, monitoring and supervising incoming and outgoing international volunteers
•Collecting, collating and reporting on outputs, outcomes and impact to the UK National Agency
•Working with partners to develop volunteer projects around Wales
Training delivered to: NEET Young people from disadvantaged backgrounds or fewer opportunities, International Incoming and Outgoing Volunteers, Professionals hosting international volunteers

SUPPORT OFFICER, Families First Sustainable Employment, Sova, Jan 2015 – Dec 2015
•Supporting parents back into education, training and employment with an asset based approach
•Training participants in online job searching, interview skills and communication skills
•Working with external agencies to ensure multi-agency work and develop community provision

•Working on a 1-1 basis with SEN children, developing learning material to suit needs
•Using my intuition to find new and innovative ways to engage children

ENGLISH LANGUAGE TUTOR INTERN, International English Group, LLC. Oct 2012 - Jan 2013
•Providing one-to-one online video English lessons to adult students
•Experimenting new ways of planning and teaching, supporting and developing students
•Consistently adapt classes, material level and teaching forms to the individual students needs
•Assessing and evaluating, recording and reporting progress through training

VOLUNTEER ENGLISH TEACHER/ SUPPORT WORKER, World Vision Honduras / Alternativas y Oportunidades, Honduras. Aug 2007 – Jul 2008 / Liberty Lodge Boys Training Centre St Vincent Jan – Aug 2006
•Teaching a range of age groups English
•Building my own teaching materials and delivering progressive workshops for street children
•Organising my time across two projects to ensure high quality of work across the board
•Teaching numeracy and literacy, coaching sports and organising educational field trips
•Delivering teambuilding, communication and mediation workshops to young people

Educational pathway

- Level 3 in Education and Training, Dec 2015
- Building Blocks to Mentoring, The Learning Consultancy, Oct 2015
- Lowering Resistance in Families Integrated Family Support Services, June 2015
- Eliciting behaviour change in families, Integrated Family Support Services, June 2015
- Train the Trainer, Sova Internal Training, June 2015
- Training Volunteers Sova Internal Training, June 2015
- Recruiting and Managing Volunteers, Sova Internal Training, June 2015
- Safeguarding and Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults, Sova Internal Training, May 2015
- Motivational Interviewing, NewLinks Wales, May 2015
- Money Mentor, Lloyds Bank, April 2015
- Rapid English Software Delivery, Rapid English, April 2015
- Mental Health First Aid, Mind Cymru, March 2015
- Risk Assessment, Sova Internal Training, Feb 2015
- Project Planning, Delivery and Management, European Funded - Voluntariat Slovenia, Nov 2014
- Working across international cultures, Linguarma Nov 2014
- Introduction to Equality, Give Racism the Red Card, Nov 2014
- Grant Funding for International Projects. The Hub, International Development Wales June 2014
- TEFL Training Certificate, Star Tefl Ltd/ iatefl/ The College of Teachers June 2012 - June 2013
- Confronting Conflict and Mediation Skills Pathway LOCN Level 3, Leap Confronting Conflict, August 2005
- President Award, ABC Accredited The Federation of London Youth Clubs, June 2005

Fields of training expertise

  • (intermediate) Campaigning & Awareness Raising
  • (intermediate) Citizenship Education
  • (intermediate) Coaching & Mentoring
  • (advanced) Communication Skills
  • (intermediate) Conflict Management & Mediation
  • (advanced) Diversity & Anti-Racism
  • (advanced) Equal Opportunities
  • (intermediate) Evaluation & Assessment
  • (intermediate) Global Education
  • (advanced) Group Dynamics & Motivation
  • (advanced) Intercultural Learning
  • (advanced) International Youth Work
  • (beginner) Lobbying & Advocacy
  • (intermediate) Outdoor & Experiential Training
  • (intermediate) Peace Education
  • (intermediate) Personal Development & Empowerment
  • (advanced) Project Management
  • (advanced) Social Inclusion & Exclusion
  • (beginner) Storytelling & Humour
  • (beginner) Time Management
  • (advanced) Training of Trainers
  • (advanced) Volunteer Programmes
  • (intermediate) Youth Exchanges

Knowledge about institutions and programmes

  • (intermediate) Erasmus+ (KA1) Youth Exchanges
  • (advanced) Erasmus+ (KA1) Training & Networking
  • (beginner) Erasmus+ (KA2) Transnational Youth Initiatives
  • (intermediate) Erasmus+ (KA2) Strategic Partnerships
  • (intermediate) Erasmus+ (KA2) Capacity Building (other countries in the World)
  • (expert) European Solidarity Corps Volunteering

Working with specific target groups

  • (advanced) Children
  • (advanced) Families
  • (beginner) Gay, Lesbian, Bi & Transgender work
  • (expert) Intercultural Teams
  • (advanced) Marginalized & Excluded Youth
  • (advanced) Minorities
  • (intermediate) Women's Issues & Groups
  • (beginner) Young People in/from Conflict Areas
  • (expert) Young People with a Mental Disability
  • (intermediate) Young People with a Physical Disability
  • (advanced) Young People with a Sensory Disability

Experience with specific geographical regions

  • (intermediate) Eastern Europe and Caucasus
  • (intermediate) Euro-Mediterranean Co-operation
  • (advanced) European Cooperation
  • (beginner) Global Cooperation
  • (advanced) Latin America
  • (advanced) North-North Cooperation
  • (intermediate) South East Europe

Language Skills

  • (fluent) English
  • (intermediate) Portuguese
  • (fluent) Spanish

Trainer references

  • Positively Different

    Awaiting validation (requested 2020-05-09)
    The training activity took place
    in Barry, Wales
    organised by UNA Exchange
    9-11 October 2015
  • Project Management Academy

    Validated (2022-02-15)
    The training activity took place
    in Struga, Macedonia
    organised by Qendrat “Youth for Social Changes”
    1-8 April 2017
    Reference person

    Olga Kiriakidou

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  • The Journey: Stories of Migration, Stories of Inclusion PART 1

    Awaiting validation (requested 2020-01-18)
    The training activity took place
    in Cardiff, Wales, UK
    organised by Project 2020 CIC / Youth for Exchange and Understanding International
    1-9 December 2016
  • Develop Empower Achieve Learn (D.E.A.L) Greece

    Validated (2022-02-01)
    The training activity took place
    in Thessaloniki, Greece
    organised by Alter Ego NGO Thessaloniki
    21/09/17 - 28/09/17
    Reference person

    Olga Kiriakidou

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  • European Voluntary Service Mid Term Training

    Awaiting validation (requested 2021-11-24)
    The training activity took place
    in Birmingham, London, Liverpool, UK
    organised by Experiment in International Living UK on behalf of UK National Agencies British Council / Ecorys
    2016 onwards
  • European Voluntary Service On Arrival Training

    Awaiting validation (requested 2020-03-30)
    The training activity took place
    in London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Cardiff - UK
    organised by Experiment in International Living UK on behalf of UK National Agencies British Council / Ecorys
    various from 2014
  • Supporting Youth to Act Local be Social

    Awaiting validation (requested 2020-01-18)
    The training activity took place
    in London, UK
    organised by Creative Opportunities
    26/05/2018 - 2/05/2018
  • Really Including Inclusion

    Validated (2022-02-19)
    The training activity took place
    in Worcester, UK
    organised by Consilium Development and Training / Leila Usmani
    Reference person

    Sheila Smith

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  • We Have More in Common

    Validated (2022-01-22)
    The training activity took place
    in Bala, Wales, UK
    organised by UNA Exchange
    6-13 December 2019
    Reference person

    Sheila Smith

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