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Positively Different

The training activity took place
in Barry, Wales
organised by UNA Exchange
9-11 October 2015

Aims & objectives

­ To develop the relationship between volunteers and UNA Exchange:
o To involve in the winter programme
o To continue international volunteering
o To build a volunteer base/community
­ To create a team/community of people
o So they enjoy being together
o So they want to do more things together
­ To enable sharing of experiences
o To provide a space & time to feedback about summer volunteering
­ To raise awareness of, challenge issues and promote positive views around diversity & difference

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

Participants and team were made up from people from the following countries: England, Wales, Germany, Spain, Czech Republic, Italy and France

Training methods used & main activities

Creative teambuilding (building a tower with disabilities, lowering a tentpole to the ground), story telling (assumptions), game shows (fact/opinion joepardy), group discussion, simulation games, moving debates, inequality street, world cafe, human bingo, independent reflection, volunteering, treasure hunts.

Outcomes of the activity

All of the young people carried on to undertake further training or international projects after this weekend. From evaluation forms the following questions were asked, and the numbers give the percenatge of participants that STRONGLY AGREED on a scale of 1 - 10. For non of the questions did any participant score below 6. Q1. I feel closer to UNA Exchange than I did before this weekend - 61.54; Q2. I feel motivated to something/more with UNA Exchange - 61.54; Q3. I shared some of my experiences and learned about others - 53.85; Q4. I developed my teamwork skills - 46.15
Q5. I increased my awareness about diversity and difference - 53.85; Q6. I feel more positive about diversity and difference - 53.85; Q7. I had fun and made new friends this weekend - 69.23;
Q8. UNA Exchange should run more weekends like this - 100.00. Comments made included the following: I really enjoyed all of the activities that I participated and felt they al had great meaning and messages behind them.
I especially like the activities around diversity and difference, it really made me feel a lot more grounded and more connected with the team afterwards.
The people that I spent the weekend with were very nice and the people organising put in a lot of effort.
The food was amazing.
Thanks very much for all of the hard work you incorporated into the weekend, it was amazing and I would love to go to another.
Enjoyed it all, would like to do another.
Enjoyed my time spent on the farm this weekend. Grateful for opportunities I have had a chance to partake in and hope to continue doing so, Thank you.
The event was amazing and everything was well organised.
Look into the possibility of a longer one.
It was very fun and I really enjoyed!
The organisers/hosts were also very friendly.
Could be better if it was for longer.
Enjoy all of the food.
I think the event as a whole was a great time - was structured really well.
I enjoyed it all and appreciate the time and effort that was put into it.
I really enjoyed the team building exercises and the positively different exercise.
I think it all was fantastic a really great and welcoming staff and a nice venue and a good kitchen.
Staff was infused all of the time and friendly.
Thank you so much, catch you soon, I am on call let me know if you need me. X
It was fun, but it should have been longer, an extra day or two.
I wouldn't have changed a thing it was good the way it was.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

Together with my colleague, we shared responsibility of coordinating the entire training. Specific activities undertaken included developing the aims and objectives of the training, developing sessions using NFE methods, materials and resources, the timetable, delivering a number of the sessions, supporting during farm volunteering, coordinating the support team and engaging in all get to know you, energiser and icebreaker activities as well as social time.

I worked on this training for 3 days as a full time trainer.

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