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Develop Empower Achieve Learn (D.E.A.L) Greece

The training activity took place
in Thessaloniki, Greece
organised by Alter Ego NGO Thessaloniki
21/09/17 - 28/09/17
Reference person

Olga Kiriakidou

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Aims & objectives

The aim of the project is to create a hub for employability and personal
development tools, methods and practises to be used by those working
with young people (in any capacity, formal, non-formal, vocational, etc.)
to support them in pursing diverse career prospects.
The aim will be achieved by means of a few objectives described below:
• To improve participants’ knowledge, skills and attitudes with regards to
personal development of young people
• To provide space for sharing of experiences and good practices in the
given topics
• To encourage the development of employability skills, as well as to
foster the spirit of initiative, creativity and active participation of young
people in society.
• To demonstrate how volunteering can be a major part in the
development of a young person’s life, promote inclusion, encourage
cross-community working and support global active citizenship
• To stimulate unemployed young people's mobility and active
participation in society
• to share information about and gain first-hand experience in various
personal and professional development tools

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

Target group was Youth Workers working with young people wanting to learn how to support the their personal development in therms of employability.

3xGreek (AlterEgo); 4xBritish (Consiium DT); 3xItalian (Scambieuropei); 3xEstonian (ContinuousAction); 3x Sweden (The Organisation for Poverty Alleiviation and Development); 3xDutch (Stichting Elk Leven Telt!); 3xPolish (Fundacja Cherry Home); 4xFrench (Pistes Solidaires/ Solafrika); 3xPortuguese (Associacao Juvenil SYnergia)

Training methods used & main activities

TEAMBUILDING: profile picture speed dating method - ppnts drew parts of each others faces, get to meet everyone and share about themselves

EXPECTATIONS - Backpacks to reflect contributions, expectations and blocks, reflected on at end of week in groups and individually

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT - River tool (mapping your plan onto a river using images metaphorically); Interview Walk (walking through the city using real life things metaphorically); Market Skills (identify your skills and gaps, attach a value to them, sell and share in a market environment, get richer as you do!); Interviewing the public, asking questions about their ideas on PD; Mindmapping and SWOT analysis

LEARNING STYLES - Number game to evidence VAK, communicating a long number in different ways; World Cafe on Howard Gaardner Multiple Intelligence, linking to types of work, type of E+ project, and specific ways of learning as well as learning opportunities; Group Card Game, one task, 4 chances, with time to Plan, Do, Check, Act - how quick can you do it?

COACHING v MENTORING - Fishbowl exercise, debate differences and come up with consensus on framework for both.

EVALUATION and YOUTHPASS - Youthpass Pizza - what have you learnt in the different competences; Blob Tree (mark where you felt at different parts of the day, why?), Ladder of Learning (How high were you?), Graph (X / Y Axix sessions / Feeling), Body Tool (Learnt, Love, Useful, Kick Away), DIXIT Cards (How do you feel and how can it be represented visually?), COMMENTS Envelope (through week for those who wanted to comment anonymously)

Outcomes of the activity

Daily feedback and from final evaluation was extremely positive. Participants felt part of the group very quickly which added to their ability to learn and dvelop together. Every day participants comments on the diversity of the activities. Since ending the project participants have been in touch with me to find out more about how they can actively use the activities in their work back home, and Final Report feedback was excellent. A video of the project can be found here:

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

Decide tools and methods to be used for different learning outcomes considering the space, time-frame, group size, levels of knowledge and manage group energy levels, Deliver sessions across the week as detailed above together with the co-trainer, Support participants directly in their learning during sessions and activities, especially those with less background or lower language levels, reflect daily and plan for next day with co-trainer and create and prepare any materials needed for sessions when relevant.

I worked on this training for 6 days as a full time trainer.

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