Dani Prisacariu


I am a trainer, facilitator and social justice activist. I love working with people and creating inclusive, accessible, empowering and creative learning spaces. Through my work I hope to contribute to the transformation of our society in a place where freedom, autonomy, equity and solidarity are at it’s core.

Dani Prisacariu has 3 references for past work as a trainer.

Dani Prisacariu

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Current occupation

Freelance Facilitator

Work experience

2019- present
I work as a freelance facilitator, trainer, coach and consultant with international organizations in the field of human rights, gender justice, diversity & inclusion.

Community organiser
Resource Center for Public Participation
I support the work of grassroots groups and organisations to create change on a local level through community organising.

Co-chair of the Board
IGLYO (International Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Trans and Queer Youth and Student Organisation)

2011- 2016
Projects Coordinator
ACCEPT Association, Bucharest (Romania)
Main topics: education, volunteers, capacity building, hate crimes and hate speech, culture, community building,

Community organiser
FPDL/ Youth Voice project

Educational pathway

Resourcing Resilience
(2-9 Nov 2019)
A training to develop skills for working with trauma and supporting each other to build resilient cultures.

Training for Trainers on Transformative Collaboration
(12/2018 – 12/2019)
ULEX Network
A 12 day course on learning practical tools in supporting meaningful
and transformative collaboration in activists groups.

“In our bodies – on the streets” Personal and social transformation
(17-22 june 2019)
5-day generative somatics training for grassroots activists in Central Eastern Europe

Training for Trainers on Transformative Collaboration
(12/2018 – 12/2019)
ULEX Network
A 12 day course on learning practical tools in supporting meaningful
and transformative collaboration in activists groups.

TRAYCE- Training of Trainers for Youth in the Council of
Europe (04/2015 – 11/2016)
Council of Europe
The course combined e-learning, 2 residential seminars, training
projects and products development, job shadowing, mentoring and
a continuous process of self-assessment and development of
trainer competences.

Certificate in Project Management
CNFPA, Bucharest (Romania)

BA in Sociology
University of Bucharest, Bucharest (Romania)

Fields of training expertise

  • (intermediate) Animation
  • (advanced) Bullying & Harassment
  • (intermediate) Campaigning & Awareness Raising
  • (advanced) Change Management
  • (intermediate) Citizenship Education
  • (expert) Coaching & Mentoring
  • (advanced) Communication Skills
  • (advanced) Conflict Management & Mediation
  • (advanced) Creativity & Art
  • (intermediate) Crisis Management
  • (expert) Diversity & Anti-Racism
  • (intermediate) Drama & Theatre
  • (intermediate) Environment & Ecology
  • (beginner) Entrepreneurship (Social)
  • (expert) Equal Opportunities
  • (intermediate) Evaluation & Assessment
  • (advanced) Event Management
  • (beginner) Fundraising
  • (expert) Gender Awareness & Mainstreaming
  • (intermediate) Global Education
  • (advanced) Group Dynamics & Motivation
  • (expert) Human Rights
  • (advanced) Intercultural Learning
  • (expert) International Youth Work
  • (beginner) Labour Rights & Employment
  • (expert) Leadership Development
  • (intermediate) Lobbying & Advocacy
  • (intermediate) New Information Technologies
  • (advanced) Open Space Technology
  • (beginner) Outdoor & Experiential Training
  • (intermediate) People Management & Cooperation
  • (advanced) Personal Development & Empowerment
  • (advanced) Project Management
  • (intermediate) Recognition of NFLearning
  • (expert) Social Inclusion & Exclusion
  • (beginner) Social Media
  • (intermediate) Storytelling & Humour
  • (advanced) Training of Trainers
  • (intermediate) Volunteer Programmes
  • (intermediate) Youth Exchanges
  • (advanced) Youth Participation & Initiatives
  • (beginner) Youth Policy
  • (advanced) Youth Worker Training

Knowledge about institutions and programmes

  • (intermediate) Erasmus+ (KA1) Youth Exchanges
  • (beginner) Erasmus+ (KA2) Strategic Partnerships
  • (intermediate) European Solidarity Corps Volunteering
  • (advanced) European Youth Centres (CoE)
  • (beginner) European Institutions
  • (beginner) Youth Partnership CoE-COM
  • (intermediate) Private Foundations

Working with specific target groups

  • (beginner) Families
  • (expert) Gay, Lesbian, Bi & Transgender work
  • (advanced) Intercultural Teams
  • (advanced) Marginalized & Excluded Youth
  • (advanced) Minorities
  • (expert) Women's Issues & Groups
  • (beginner) Young People with a Mental Disability
  • (beginner) Young People with a Physical Disability

Experience with specific geographical regions

  • (expert) Eastern Europe and Caucasus

Language Skills

  • (fluent) English
  • (intermediate) French
  • (beginner) Italian
  • (fluent) Romanian
  • (intermediate) Spanish

Trainer references

  • Leader training seminar YOUth Can!

    Awaiting validation (requested 2017-05-23)
    The training activity took place
    in Vlasenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina
    organised by SEEYN
    11.05.16- 17.05.16
  • "I have rights" study session

    Awaiting validation (requested 2020-05-15)
    The training activity took place
    in Budapest, Hungary
    organised by IGLYO
    18-22 Apr 2016 (Arrivals 17/04 & Departures 23/04)
  • On arrival Training for EVS Volunteers

    Awaiting validation (requested 2017-08-28)
    The training activity took place
    in Bucharest, Romania
    organised by Romanian NA
    21-27 August

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