Support measure from SALTO SEE: Coaching

SALTO SEE in 2020 introduced a new supportive measure, aimed at attracting new organizations into European Solidarity Corps (ESC) using a method of Coaching to help organization to prepare for ESC, by helping them to get to the stage of submitting application for Quality Label

Aims of this measure:

  • To increase quantity of volunteering projects taking place in and with organizations from Western Balkans
  • To diversify the pool of accredited organizations by:
    • attracting new organizations on board (focus on solidarity is an opportunity to address also other fields, connecting to youth)
    • To get on board organizations with bigger capacities, in terms of offered activities and support staff, to host and send volunteers

What is the Quality Label?

Any organization wishing to implement projects in the field of volunteering under the European Solidarity Corps (hereinafter referred to as the ESC) must obtain an appropriate Quality Label. The Quality Label is needed to ensure the quality and compliance of the participating organizations with the principles and objectives of the ESC in terms of their duties at all stages of volunteering projects.

For organizations from Western Balkans it is possible to obtain the Quality Label for the field of volunteering, for one or both of the following roles: support and hosting organization. Organizations from Western Balkans need partner organization from programme country to apply for volunteering project within ESC.

Acquiring a Quality Label is a process of verifying an organization that wants to get involved in projects in the field of volunteering to demonstrate knowledge of the philosophy, values ​​and quality standards for participating in activities that are part of the program.

More information about the Quality Label process in the Western Balkans, here.

Who is the coaching measure for?

The coaching is intended for representatives of organizations that

  • do not have a Quality Label yet;
  • have a strong intention and a clear motivation to join the program.

Does my organization/institution qualify?

Please check the following entry criteria.

  • Organizations which are able to prepare their Quality Label alone, following the instructions and support presented here will not be involved in the Coaching process. These are organizations with solid existing human capacities/resources and experience in volunteering programmes, non-formal education and international activities;
  • Organizations which do not possess sufficient potentials (human and/or technical capacities, sufficient level of experience and on-going activities and relevant interest/motivation) will not to be involved in the Coaching process. These organizations will be encouraged by SALTO SEE to use other support, which is applicable to their situation.
  • Only organizations which have clear potentials (in terms of activities, technical capacities and human resources), but would most probably not manage to apply for Quality Label by themselves, because of different reasons (not a youth organization, not experienced in volunteering or non-formal education etc) qualify to be further supported through the Coaching process.

What will organizations gain from this measure?

Representatives of organizations will get acquainted in detail with the ESC, its quality elements and requirements and the Quality Label.

What are the obligations of the organization involved?

Organization is obliged to actively participate in the Coaching, by nominating at least 2 representatives of the organization to be included in the working process and completing the set tasks along the process. At the end of the coaching the organization will be required to fill in autonomously the Quality Label form.  

How will the coaching be implemented?

After organization applies and is selected for the coaching measure, SALTO SEE will match the organization with one of our experts, experienced in ESC. The expert will offer a tailor-made support to the organization by implementing a series of physical and/or online meetings in the maximum range of 20 hours. Together, the organization and expert will prepare a plan of steps in order for the organization to acquire Quality Label.

Who provides coaching?

Coaching is provided by experienced external experts of SALTO SEE (experts from our pools of Quality Label assessors and Trainers of ESC trainings). The selected organization will be assigned with a coach by side of SALTO SEE. The expert who acted as a coach will not participate in the subsequent evaluation of the application for the Quality Label submitted by the organization receiving coaching support.


The dynamics of the coaching process will be agreed jointly among the coach and the organization.

I am interested – what next?

Please fill in this Pre-assessment form and wait to receive results from SALTO SEE. Please also inform us that you have filled in the form to this email

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