Buddy Support System

Support measure from SALTO SEE: ESC buddy-support system

This measure is designed by SALTO SEE to support quality and quantity of volunteering projects within the European Solidarity Corps (ESC) in the Western Balkans (WB). It matches two organizations, which by peer support collaborate with an aim to (re)activate accredited organization in the WB, which face different obstacles to be active in the ESC.

The measure aims to support one of the following two aspects:

  • enhancing quality (matching of two organisations, which are sharing similar realities to transfer concrete knowledge from a more experienced to a less experienced organization in order to activate the less experienced organization (that is that they start sending/hosting volunteers)
  • enhancing partnership creation (matching an in-experienced organization from WB with an experienced organization from ESC participating country holding a Quality Label for lead role in the ESC)

The measure addresses the needs of following types of organizations:

  • Primarily, in-experienced or less experienced organizations from WB, holding a Quality Label for the ESC, which would like to (re)start being active within ESC by matching them with an experienced organization holding a Quality Label for ESC, from ESC participating country (either from a program country or from a partner country);
  • experienced organizations holding a Quality Label for lead role from an ESC participating country, which would like to get a chance to share their experience and by this create a new partner from Western Balkans for joint volunteering projects.

How does it work and Overview of timeline and phases

The buddy-support should include a series of online meetings, or if circumstances allow also physical visit(s). Both organizations need to include at least 2 persons from each side in this process. The process will be kicked-off by the organizing team, which will do the match-making to establish each Buddy Support Team, then formed pairs are expected to work individually.

Timeframe for the implementation of the measure in 2024 is February – June , with the following stages:

  • applications to be collected until 15th February
  • 2 facilitated online meetings with selected applicants aimed to form pairs and prepare them for work in their pair (15th March and 4th April, both 10:00-12:00 CET)
  • April – May  – individual work of pairs, according to their own set rhythm
  • joint online wrap-up meeting  27th June, 10:00-12:00 CET.

Financial stimulation

SALTO SEE supports financially the engagement of the experienced organization in the supportive measure.


After organizations are matched by our coordination team, they will conclude a contract with SALTO SEE.  Annexed to the contract will be a jointly developed work plan of both partners, detailing expected outcomes of the process with steps and timeline.


Once the measure is fully implemented, the experienced organisation is required to send to SALTO SEE a final report consolidated by both partners to claim the fee.


We encourage both partners to document this process, by taking photos of the meetings or materials developed, which we will use to promote this measure on our social media.

Application process

If interested to be included either as experienced organization from a programme country or inexperienced organization from Western Balkans, please fill in this application form.

For more information please contact us at:

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