Quality Label

Quality Label for Volunteering in Solidarity Activities

The Quality Label is an organisation's entry ticket for the European Solidarity Corps. Here you can find information about the process of awarding Quality Label for volunteering organisations in the Western Balkans.

Quality Label – what is it? 

The European Solidarity Corps Quality Label certifies that an organisation participating in the European Solidarity Corps is able to ensure the necessary framework conditions for young people to take part in solidarity activities in compliance with the principles and objectives of the European Solidarity Corps and further requirements necessary to ensure quality.

The Quality Label is an organisation's entry ticket for the European Solidarity Corps. It is a prerequisite for participation in Volunteering projects, but does not automatically lead to a European Solidarity Corps project grant.

Quality Label – what for?

Any organisation from Western Balkans (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro and Serbia) wishing to be involved into ESC Volunteering Projects as supporting or receiving organisation must receive Quality Label.

WHEN to apply for it?

Interested organisations can apply for Quality Label at any time. Ideally, process will be carried out within 2-3 months after receipt of formally eligible Quality Label Application. However, in practice, this period can be prolonged, especially if the applicant has not prepared the application well.

WHO runs the process?

For the organisations established in Western Balkans countries, SALTO South East Europe Resource centre (SALTO SEE) is carrying out the process of awarding Quality Label with the support of external experts.

HOW to apply?


Please note, that to start your application you will need to register or login with your EU Login credentials.

  • Create an account in the EU Login System. If you already have the account in the EU Login continue to the step below.

Register in the Organisation Registration System (ORS). Once the registration in the ORS is completed, your organisation will obtain an Organisation ID number (OID). The OID is unique identifier which enables the organisation to take advantage of on-line application forms. If you need help, please visit the ORS Guide.

Upload on the ORS portal the following documents, as listed bellow (with electronic signatures or scans of original documents with signatures):

  • the Legal Entity form in English. This form can be downloaded from the European Commission’s website(Hint: if your organisation is an association or foundation run as NGO then choose "private company", if your organisation is managed by government or authorities then choose "public entity").
  • the Financial Identification form in English. Please fill in the form relating to the country in which your bank account is located, even if your organisation is officially registered in another country. This form can be downloaded from the European Commission’s website.
  • an extract of registration (or its equivalent, such as statute) clearly indicating the name of the organisation, the address of the head office, its registration number and a legal representative (or, if applicable, a document authorizing another person to sign legal documents on behalf of organisation). If possible, attach to the original document its certified English translation.

These 3 official documents must not be older than 6 months.

At the time of the submission of your Quality Label application form, the above mentioned documents will be verified by SALTO SEE. Without them the quality label process cannot start.


The organisation is then invited to fill in the electronic Quality Label Application Form, (with a code ESC50-QLA).

Organisations from Western Balkans (term used in the application form is South East Europe), submit the application to the Slovenian National Agency, by choosing SI02 Zavod MOVIT NA MLADINA in the drop-down menu.

The application must be completed in English language.

HOW does the process go?

Upon the online submission, the application will be checked by SALTO SEE, if it meets the formal criteria. If these are not met, an applicant will receive an e-mail with the description of ineligible / missing documents or elements of the Application.

Next, SALTO SEE will appoint expert(s) to carry out the Quality Label process. They will assess submitted documents, contact the applicant to plan a possible on-spot visit and maintain communication with it through the process.

After the visit, organisation might receive requests to provide further information and suggestions for improvements. When experts receive answers from the applicant, the organisation will be finally assessed, and soon the organisation will receive an official decision on ESC Quality Label from SALTO SEE.

In order to facilitate partner-finding, profiles of all organisations holding a Quality Label are published in a database of Quality Label organisations. Additionally, as soon as the Quality Label has been awarded, organisations have access to the European Solidarity Corps Portal where they are invited to advertise their volunteering activity when they are looking for participants. Organisations have to make use of the European Solidarity Corps Portal's database to search and select participants. Information in the database is published as it is formulated in the Quality Label application form. It is therefore crucial that organisations write clearly so that potential participants and partner organisations can get a good impression of the organisation and its involvement in the European Solidarity Corps.

Organisation wishing to change content of its currently valid Quality Label (such as adding supporting or host status, changing the number of hosted volunteers, adding possibility to organise short-term volunteering group projects, changing general activities of volunteers etc.) are invited to contact SALTO SEE to be instructed.

How to prepare for the ESC Quality Label?

An organisation from the Western Balkans interested in obtaining ESC Quality Label should study and be well aware of the following:

  • Mission and principles of ESC
  • European Solidarity Corps Guide 2024*, especially the following sections:

An organisation interested in Quality Label must meet the requirements prescribed in these documents.

For additional help in preparation, please check also this document: “Guidelines and FAQ for QL applicants in the Western Balkans

Obligatory attachment in case you are applying for a host role

Please attach in the QL application form the timetables indicating the activities, hours and locations of work of your hosted volunteers, according to the type of action you apply for - long-term, short-term, volunteering teams. Within the 3 tabs of this file, fill in the actions you choose to request.

Sample of an empty QL form for 2021 with comments on how to fill it in and what kind of information to put in each section

Note: Even though the form for year 2024 is a bit different, this sample will still help you in preparing your QL application form.

Validity period of the Quality Label

The Quality Label is awarded for the entire duration of the programming period (2021-2027).

In case an organisation does not comply with the provisions and conditions laid down in its currently valid Quality label (such as limitation of the number of hosted volunteers) or with quality standards of ESC, SALTO SEE might suspend or withdraw the organisation’s Quality Label.


Currently valid version of the Programme guide is available on the European Solidarity Corps web page.

Whom Do I Contact In Case Of Questions?

SALTO SEE Resource Centre

Andrej Troha

Dunajska cesta 5

SI - 1000 Ljubljana


tel: +386 1 430 47 47; 

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