Useful Info

  1. Here you can find various practical information on the implementation of Volunteering action

Information kit: Providing On-arrival training to short-term volunteers

As organizing On-arrival trainings for short-term volunteers (hosted in the organizations for 2 months or less) is a task of the hosting organizations, SALTO SEE has prepared a short guide that can help you in organizing this training for your volunteers. Please use Information kit: Providing On-arrival training to short-term EVS volunteers in supporting your hosted volunteers.

Information kit: Preparing the volunteer for the volunteering project abroad

As preparing the volunteers for their volunteering projects within EVS/Erasmus+/ESC is the responsibility of the sending/supporting organizations, SALTO SEE has prepared a short guide that can help you in organizing this, including pre-departure training for your volunteers. In supporting your sent volunteers, please use: Information kit: Preparing the volunteer for the project abroad. 

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