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Supportive measures for stimulating volunteering within European Solidarity Corps in Western Balkans

SALTO SEE in 2020 introduced two supportive measures for :

  1. Attracting new organizations into European Solidarity Corps (ESC) using a method of Coaching to help organization to prepare for ESC, by helping them to acquire Quality Label
  2. Buddy support system to support already accredited, but inactive orgs, where experienced organizations transfer knowledge and skills to less experienced organizations, who then are able to overcome obstacles that were hindering their participation in ESC.

Aims of these measures:

  • To increase quantity of volunteering projects taking place in and with organizations from Western Balkans
  • To diversify the pool of accredited organizations by:
  1. to attracting new organizations on board (focus on solidarity is a chance to address also other fields, connecting to youth)
  2. To get on board organizations with bigger capacities, in terms of offered activities and support staff, to host and send volunteers
  • To support dormant organizations (organizations which have accreditation/Quality Label, but are not using it)


Short description

This measure assures help to an organization interested and willing to step into ESC in a form of a tailor-made support coming from an expert provided from SALTO SEE. The nominated expert will, based on the needs of the organization, prepare a plan of steps in order for the organization to acquire Quality Label, which is a pre-requisite to step into ESC. They will implement a series of physical and/or online meetings in the range of 20 hours. In a case of a successful result of this process, the organization will be prepared and ready to take part in ESC and will submit their application for getting Quality Label.

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Buddy support system

Short description

This measure is designed by SALTO SEE to support quality and quantity of volunteering projects within the European Solidarity Corps (ESC) in the Western Balkans (WB). It matches two organizations, which by peer support collaborate with an aim to (re)activate accredited organization in the WB, which face different obstacles to be active in the ESC.

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