Trainings for volunteers

Training and Evaluation Cycle for ESC Volunteers in the Western Balkans

All European Solidarity Corps volunteers have the right and responsibility to attend trainings in order to receive information, support and tools that will help them achieve as much as possible in the time of their service.

In the region of Western Balkans, comprising of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro and Serbia, the trainings are organized by SALTO SEE.

The Training and Evaluation Cycle offered by SALTO SEE to volunteers consists of three trainings:

  1. On-arrival training (only for volunteering activities lasting 60 days or more, travel days excluded*) and
  2. Mid-term evaluation meeting (only for volunteering activities lasting 6 months or more - more precisely, 180 days or more, travel days excluded).
  3. Annual Event for former EVS/E+/ESC volunteers (only for volunteers who have completed their service and returned back home, in the Western Balkans)

In the Western Balkans, these trainings are organised at regional level, bringing together volunteers from the whole region on one such training. This arrangement gives them opportunity to meet other volunteers doing their service in the region and to get to know different realities within the region itself.

4. Pre-departure training

In order for the volunteering projects to be successful and experiences to be positive and enriching for the volunteers, it is crucial that Supporting organisation (formerly known as sending or coordinating organization) adequately prepares volunteers prior to their departure. Volunteers need to be presented with following documents:

*For projects having 59 activity days or less, hosting organisation has to provide On-arrival training and trainings that are adapted to the needs of the volunteers and/or to the type of volunteering activity.

More information on each of the above-mentioned support activities is available in the in the Programme Guide, in the section "Training and evaluation cycle", available on the European Solidarity Corps web page.

Contact person at SALTO SEE:

Andrej Troha
Dunajska cesta 5, SI - 1000 Ljubljana
+ 386.1.430 47 47
+ 386.1.430 47 49

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