Meetings for organizations

Meetings for Volunteering organizations

Training and evaluation cycle for accredited volunteering organizations in the Western Balkans

In the effort to support quality in Volunteering projects, SALTO SEE is organizing supportive activities for all organizations in the Western Balkans region holding a Quality Label for ESC volunteering projects. These activities are taking place in the framework of TEC for organization, in accordance to the guidance provided in the European Solidarity Corps Programme Guide (page 74)

These supportive activities in form of meetings are taking place annually from 2017 on and gather on the same place volunteering coordinators, mentors and/or other support persons involved in the work with European Solidarity Corps volunteers. The meetings offer an opportunity to reinforce supportive communities in each country and on the level of Western Balkans, to share experiences and good practices in sending and hosting volunteers, to discuss obstacles and plan common steps to overcome them.

Please note: each year SALTO SEE invites all QL holders in Western Balkans by email to apply to attend this meeting. 

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