Issue 1: "Jump Into EuroMed Youth Exchanges"

EuroMed Educational Report

September 2003 - October 2004

In this report:

The Euromed Youth Programme implemented since 2000 a great number of youth exchange projects. A wide series of training courses has been offered from 2001 till 2005 by SALTO Youth EuroMed Resource Centre. So, why another type of training course ?

It seems that youth exchanges in the framework of the Euromed Youth Programme requires a great range of skills and competencies in youth leading and group leading. In order to strenghten the quality of projects, it is important to increase the qualification of youth leaders and youth workers. They will not only set up these exchanges but also lead them.

This report invites you to follow us and also to "Jump" into the Euromed Youth Exchanges.
It aims at providing to youth workers from both sides of the Mediterranean sea enough information and tools for the implementation of a Euromed youth exchange, from the "application phase" to "the group leading skills", from "the project idea" to "the project evaluation".

This long document about a "long term training course" offers the opportunity to benefit from this experience, which was successful on quality and quantity: five "Action 1" projects (Youth Exchanges) were prepared, developed, applied, funded and implemented.

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