Issue 5: "Train EuroMed Multipliers!"

EuroMed Educational Report


SALTO'TEMM in Lebanon 8th-14th September 2003, Broummana
SALTO'TEMM in Jordan 11th-18th October 2003, Aqaba
1st-8th December 2003, Cairo
10th-18th December 2004, Cairo
SALTO'TEMM in Tunisia, 12th-18th January 2004, Kairouan
SALTO'TEMM in Algeria, 27th January-2nd February 2004, Ghardaïa
SALTO'TEMM in Morocco, 27th November-2nd December 2004, Fès
SALTO'TEMM in Israel, 10th-14th July 2005, Peki'in
Inter-regional Seminar for Euro-med Multipliers, 7th-12th of September 2004, Beirut

This report compiles all the documents, methods and tools created by youth workers, involved in the EuroMed Youth Programme, who participated to national training courses in Meda countries from 2003 and 2005.
The aim of this report is to share the tools, the tips and the experiences of all these participants with you.Read it! Enjoy it! Use it!

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