Issue 11: Democracy within the EuroMed context: Illusion or reality?

EuroMed Educational Report


The notion of Democracy is not the same in the different countries, there are many democratic systems with different level of participation... the idea of democracy is not identical, not only between both side of Mediterranean Sea, but also among countries of the same geographical area.
Based on this observation, the Italian National Agency for the Youth in Action programme and Salto-Youth EuroMed Resource Centre organised a training seminar in 2008. The purpose was to share and refl ect on the concept of Democracy, in particularly within the EuroMed context using as a starting point the city of Venice and its very specifi c political system: when Venice was a republic, la Serenissima.
Flowing from this deep refl ection, this report offers an analysis of the background of Democracy within the EuroMed context and a better understanding of the roots of democratic process through the history in connection with the implementation of Euro-Mediterranean projects.

«Freedom begins when ignorance ends.»
Victor Hugo - 1802-1885 - Océan

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