EuroMed Youth Projects

Publication on 2 years of Euro-Mediterranean youth Cooperation


EuroMed youth III - Youth in Action European programmes

The Regional Capacity Building and Support Unit and Salto-Youth EuroMed Resource Centre with the support of the European Commission, EuropAid and Education and Culture Directorates General, have produced this publication on 2 years of cooperation in the field of Youth in the EuroMed Region.

A concrete and detailed description of projects implemented, illustrates with eloquence the nature of the activities which were carried out within the framework of the two programmes YOUTH in ACTION and EUROMED YOUTH III in the past 2007-2008 years.

The aim was

  • to give an overview of the Euro-Mediterranean cooperation in the field of Youth: the active involvement of Youth organisations in both European programmes and the work done by EuroMed Youth Units and National Agencies to allow these youth organisations to make their projects live,
  • by giving examples and ideas, to encourage future new actors of the EuroMed youth cooperation.


Compendium 2007-2008

Dowload the publication

EuroMed Youth Projects (on-line with Issuu) EuroMed youth Projects (PDF)

The publication was really successful, and we are very pleased that you appreciate our initiative. Unfortunatly, we don't have any hard copy anymore!
Anyway, you can download the publication and spread it by e-mail to your network, partners and friends.

Edited in July 2009.



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