What happened at Bridges for Recognition?

SALTO Inclusion together with the Bridges Steering Group developed an interesting programme, giving an update on the latest developments in the field of recognition, as well as interactive discussions and reflections on different recognition initiatives in Europe.

Bridges Programme

19/1/05 Arrival Day

  • PM Arrival, Registration & Check-In
  • 19.00 Welcome Evening & Get-to-know
    Reception & Dinner

20/1/05 Introductions & Good Practices

  • 9.00 Opening and Setting the Frame
  • The challenge of recognition in Europe (European Commission)
  • Youth work does work! - a life story (YES-Forum)
  • Council of Europe and its efforts in recognition (Council of Europe)
  • The importance of the recognition of youth work - a concrete example (European Youth Forum)
  • 10.30 Press Conference
  • 11.00 What's in a word - terminology & concepts in recognition (Lynne Chisholm)
  • Different expectations towards recognition - Panel discussion with different stakeholders (youth work, labour market, education, YOUTH programme, local authorities)
  • 12.30 Lunch
    14.00 Road map: milestones in European recognition
  • 14.30 Good Practices (round 1): Presentations and Reflections
    EuroPass (DG Education & Culture, European Commission)
    Electronic Portfolio (SOLCO, Italy)
    Competency Records for culture & international activities (BKJ & IJAB, Germany)
    Validation of previous experiences (Ministry Youth & Sports, France)
  • 16.30 Good Practices (round 2): Presentations and Reflections
    SALTO EuroMed Training Pass (SALTO EuroMed)
    Social Workers' Traineeships in Scouts (Netherlands)
    Nefiks (Slovenia)
    Personal Record of Achievement for Youth Exchanges and Youth Initiatives (National Agency UK)
  • 19.00 Dinner
  • EVE City discovery: Leuven by night
    Cultural Visit: Optional

21/1/05 Good Practices & Needs

  • 9.00 Good Practices (round 3): Presentations and Reflections
    Youth Worker Portfolio (Council of Europe)
    Advanced Training for Trainers in Europe (ATTE) & Recognition (Partnership Youth Worker Training)
    Youth Achievement Awards (various countries)
    Gender & Violence - Recognition (EYC, Council of Europe)
  • 11.00 Good Practices (round 4): Presentations and Reflections
    European CV (Cedefop)
    YOUTH Pass (SALTO Training & Cooperation)
    Teacher Training & NGOs (Hajde Da, Serbia)
    Recognition in Human Rights Education (EYC, Council of Europe)
  • 12.30 Lunch
  • 14.00 Networking Fair - presenting different initiatives in the field of recognition (by participants)
  • 16.00 Different needs towards recognition: stakeholder groups (youth work, youth trainers, education, labour market, National Agencies/Coordinators, European Officials, local & national authorities)
  • 19.00 Free Dinner in Town
  • EVE free

22/1/05 Hot Issues and Looking to the Future

  • 9.00 Summary of the Needs reflections
  • Recap of the Terminology & Concepts - Youth Research Partnership
  • 10.15-11.30 Hot Issues in the field of recognition (round 1)Introduction to Hot Issues - ECOTEC Inventory of Validation of Non-Formal Learning
    Responsibilities and Resources for Recognition - Who takes which role in recognition procedures (young people, youth workers, training institutions, governments,...)? And who pays for it?Transferability of Validation between Sectors - How to get youth work recognised in formal education or by the labour market?Transferability accross Countries and Organisations - How to move with competences gained in one organisation or country to another?How to benefit from each other's good practice?
    Social Recognition of Youth Work - How to valorise the youth work sector as a learning provider in society?
    The 'Creaming Effect' - Does recognition create opportunities or double disadvantage?
  • 12.30 Lunch
  • 14.00 Hot Issues in the field of recognition (round 2)
    Same as above - participants have a second choice
  • 15.30 Conclusions of Bridges for Recognition and ways forward(by General Rapporteur)
  • 16.30 Evaluation & Closing of the event
  • 20.00 Goodbye dinner

23/1/05 Departure of participants

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Logic Behind the Programme

The programme (designed by the Bridges Steering Group) addressed the following elements:

  • Introductions: Situating 'Bridges for Recognition' and the importance of youth work in providing non-formal learning opportunities to young people
  • Clarifications: Shedding light on different concepts and approaches to recognition, unrafling the terminology used
  • Illustrations: Presenting some examples of recognition and feedback on them from different perspectives
  • 'Hot Issues': Tackling some challenges and controversies regarding recognition of youth work
  • Future Options & Perspectives: How can the conclusions from the discussions be complimentary or integrated into existing tools and developments.
  • Bridges Fair: Participants will have the space to present recognition and youth work related tools, programmes, events, organisations,...


The following downloads are available:

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