Bridges for Training 2001

Bringing together trainers and training organisers was a simple idea, but led to many outcomes. Bridges for Training stimulated networking between training partners which hopefully contributed to the quality of training in European youth work.

Bridges for Training - A European Training Event

The first edition of Bridges for Training took place in Brugge in September 2001 and brought together over 150 trainers (from inside and outside the usual circuits), training organizers, politicians and National Agencies of the YOUTH programme.

Bridges for Training was organized by with the financial support of the European Commission, the Flemish Community in the framework of the Belgian Presidency of the EU, the Partnership on Training and Youth and Jint (Flemish National Agency for the YOUTH programme).

You can download the report (Pdf format) of this European training event at the bottom of this page. The pictures on the SALTO website are taken from Bridges for Training and give an idea of the atmosphere there.

Having experienced the success of Bridges for Training (100% of the participants judged the event useful or very useful in the evaluation forms) and led to the follow-up event called Bridges for Recognition

  • Bridges for Training 2001Bridges for Training 2001


The following downloads are available:

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