Trainers' Forum 2002

SALTO co-organised the Trainers Forum bringing together trainers working in different settings, such as the Council of Europe, National Agencies, the Partnership for European Youth Worker training and SALTO-YOUTH.

Trainer's Forum - November 2002

SALTO-YOUTH stimulates networking between trainers in other ways. In this light SALTO-YOUTH co-organized and hosted the Partnership Trainer's Forum in Paris in November 2002. Active youth trainers from the different corners of Europe met and contributed to the development of the Partnership on European Youth Worker Training and its products.

During the course of the meeting, the following presentations were made:

The trainers present, had the opportunity to give feedback and recommendations to the different programmes (ATTE, Citizenship Courses) and products (T-Kits, Coyote) of the Partnership and the complemendarity of the websites of both Partnership and

You can download the report and recommendations (Pdf format) of the Trainers Forum below.


The following downloads are available:

  • Report of the Partnership (CoE-Com) Trainer's Forum 2002

    In November 2002 the Partnership on Training and Youth between the Council of Europe and the European Commission organized a Trainer's Forum to build upon their experience and to assess the Partnership and its tools - full of practical recommendations

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