TOSCA Pool of Trainers

Meet our experienced trainers and learn what they appreciate most about TOSCA.

Dagna Gmitrowicz

TOSCA is like setting up a new city. We explore the land, invite new residents and together create a community which later on is building solid and colourful houses. Over time, we will create a country called - Solidarity :)

Honza Látal

TOSCA is like psychedelic drugs - just one dose may change you worldview for ever. Or not.

MarCus Vrecer

The idea of TOSCA, and also my commitment to it, is to support organisations participating in the European Solidarity Corps in designing and running their activities with high quality, positive & lasting impact, and satisfaction of all actors involved. Tools for this are online and offline training offers, resource collections, opportunities for sharing and networking, and - very importantly - community building. Make solidarity great again :-)

Pieter Jan Uyttersprot

Together with the European Solidarity Corps, TOSCA is a new adventure giving chances to organisations.

Sabrina Apitz


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