TOSCA - Training and support for organisations active in the European Solidarity Corps

TOSCA is a training activity with the focus on quality. It is open for all volunteering organisations with Quality Label in the frame of the European Solidarity Corps programme.

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  • About the TOSCA Training Courses

    Discover TOSCA training courses designed to empower organizations actively participating in Volunteering actions under the European Solidarity Corps.

    About the TOSCA Training Courses
  • TOSCA Training Calendar

    Explore our TOSCA training course schedule to find dates and locations that suit your needs.

    TOSCA Training Calendar
  • TOSCA Pool of Trainers

    Meet our experienced trainers and learn what they appreciate most about TOSCA.

    TOSCA Pool of Trainers
  • TOSCA Resources

    Access a wealth of resources, including quality materials to support your organization's journey with TOSCA.

    TOSCA Resources