SoliDARE is a space created especially for organisations and youth leaders involved in the European Solidarity Corps. We invite you to explore together the common challenges and possible solutions we all share. The aim is to create a community for all of us, active in the Solidarity Corps. 

Join us and let´s create the community together!

The events are for practitioners and experts who will highlight the most relevant discussions about a community of organisations for the European Solidarity Corp. All events are open and only the ZOOM workshops will require priori registration!

Dates of 2022 will communicated soon - follow us on facebook to stay tuned!

SoliDARE 2020

OFFICIAL LAUNCH -  27.10.20220, recording  HERE.

MODULE 1 - Solidarity in times of COVID-19 - recording HERE and HERE.

MODULE 2 - The international dimension of solidarity - 24.11.2020  live stream recordings on the Facebook pages of the European Solidarity Corps - SALTO Resource CenterRomanian National Agency or Polish National Agency.

MODULE 3 - The local dimension of solidarity 15.12.2020 and 17.12. 2020

livestreamed on the  Facebook pages of the European Solidarity Corps - SALTO Resource CenterRomanian National Agency or Polish National Agency

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