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The WG builds on the expertise of its members. It concists of long-term committed international assessor of accreditions in Erasmus+ and Quality Label in the European Solidarity Corps.

  Name NA / SALTO Thoughts about the WG
Michail Drakomathioulakis Cyprus National Agency The WG can help having a common language for everything QL-related. The Solidarity Corps Guide and the EC guidelines are the soil, we use our different backgrounds and realities as the nutrients and the sunlight which support the growth of a blooming garden, with many beautiful flowers: the Solidarity projects!
Barbara Eglitis European Solidarity Corps Resource Centre

The Quality Label Working Group is linking  it´s diverse expertise to foster a Quality Label structure which supports high quality voluntary services within the European solidarity Corps program - an important mission for more solidarity and inclusion among Europe!

  Marketa Benesova Czech National Agency  
Annamaria Molnar Hungarian National Agency Using of the experience and expertise of its members the WG can contribute to the development of the Quality Label process. To achieve this the group undertakes taking part in analysing existing and planned tools, methods and recommending further developments, supporting the network and capacity building of Quality Label experts.
Malgorzata Pawlowska SALTO EECA I think that the main aim of the Working Group is to stimulate exchange of knowledge and experience among all the actors involved in the  Quality Label awarding process (or accreditations) - to make this work more efficient and maybe even, why not, easier.
Maja Selan Polish National Agency The standards for QL have been developing for years and the WG now provides a chance to compare best practices from all over Europe on a more regular basis in order to support a more strategic QL approach in ESC.
  Berengere Moulin French National Agency This working group on quality label is a perfect opportunity to exchange on the different realities concerning the quality monitoring of the ESC missions, to share good practices and to find inspiration for improvement in the future!
Magda Wagenknechtova SALTO SEE The WG has a great potential to contribute by setting and developing effectively the QL process, reflecting the needs of NAs, SALTO Centres, EC and organisations.  At the same time, it gives space for sharing accreditor´s and QL expert´s experience and good practice and for supporting  QL experts in their professional development.

Thanks to the great contribution of the former working group members this group is still growing and supporting the National Agency and SALT RC network.

Special thanks to: Jérémy Trémolières (NA FR), Aisté Natkeviciuté (NA LT), Mario Garcia (SALTO SEE), Emanuel Franga (NA RO), Christine Keplinger (SALTO ESC), Malgorzata Pawlowska (SALTO EAECA), Tincuţa Apăteanu (NA RO)

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