ESC PASS for Organizations

The European Solidarity Corps portal is now open for organizations from Western Balkans!

In order to facilitate the search for prospective participants of the European Solidarity Corps, the PASS (Placement Administration and Support System) was set up by the European Commission in March 2017. PASS is designed to make it easy for eligible organisations to search for and recruit European Solidarity Corps participants for their placements. The tool, based on the participant's profile and the needs of the organization and project, suggests the most suitable candidates for selection.

What are the guiding principles for the selection of volunteers?

The selection of volunteers can be carried out by any of the organizations involved in the project (usually this is done by a sending or coordinating organization). All young people, including those with fewer opportunities, can participate in the European Solidarity Corps. Volunteers are selected in a fair, transparent and impartial manner, irrespective of their ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, political beliefs, etc.

It is important not to require prior qualification, level of education, special experience or language skills, however a more specific profile of the volunteer may be formed, if this is based on the tasks of the activity or the circumstances of the project.

Access to PASS

Accredited organizations for the implementation of volunteering projects can access the PASS with the EU LOGIN account (also known as the ECAS account).

Before using the PASS tool for the first time, we recommend reading the User's Guide to using the PASS tool.

Using PASS

The use of the pass in ESC projects is obligatory. Currently, more than 84,000 young people are registered in the database! It is expected that also a lot of young people from Western Balkans will register in the following period.

In order to overcome the shortage of young people from WB in the PASS, organizations are still encouraged to reach out to young people as before and then request them to register on the portal later on.

Using PASS is easy. Roughly speaking, it takes three steps:

STEP 1 - Finding potential participants for your project.

STEP 2 - Establish contact with a potential project participant and discuss hers/his possible participation in your project.

STEP 3 - Submission of the offer to participate in the project to the selected person.

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