Trainers for Social Inclusion and Disadvantaged Youth

SALTO Inclusion developed a database with experienced inclusion trainers and resource persons. We can send a call for trainers to get the right experience for developing your inclusion activities.

Over the years the SALTO Inclusion Resource Centre had the pleasure to work with a variety of trainers on its Inclusion courses. We would gladly recommend some of these trainers, should you wish to do a similar course.

Trainers Online for Youth

Maybe you are looking for a quite specific trainers profile for your inclusion training. SALTO Inclusion has developed the Trainers Online for Youth (TOY) database for this purpose. You can not only find a list of Inclusion trainers, but you can also add search criteria (such as language skills, training background, gender, country, etc)

SALTO would gladly send a 'call for trainers' to the trainers listed in TOY. Simply send the requested profile and the training conditions to

Are you a trainer on Inclusion?

You could register in the Trainers Online for Youth (TOY) database and have your skills and experiences available for training organisers in Europe, via your online TOY profile. Training organisers can find you easily online and you will then get calls for trainers via SALTO.

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