Find Trainers

Over the years, our Resource Centre has worked with many different trainers and Inclusion experts. Drawing from our experiences, we can help you find the right trainer for your project.

Looking for a trainer with a very specific profile?

Visit TOY, our Trainers Online for Youth database. Browse the pool of Inclusion trainers and narrow down your search by adding the criteria needed for your project (i.e. like language skills, training background, gender).

SALTO will also gladly help you by sending out a Call for Tainers. Just fill out the proper form (MySALTO account required), tell us about your requested profile and describe the training conditions. We’ll take care of the rest!

You are a trainer yourself?

Great! Make your skills and experience available to training organisers across Europe by creating a TOY profile and receive calls for trainers via SALTO. More info here.

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