Apply for Funding

Make your Inclusion project happen with Erasmus+ funding - you can apply for financial support under the programme’s main Key Actions.

  • Key Action 1: Learning Mobility of Individuals
  • Key Action 2: Innovation and Good Practices
  • Key Action 3: Support for Policy Reform

Sometimes projects for people with fewer opportunities require specific support. Erasmus+ has you covered! Special needs (e.g. personal assistant, rental of assistive equipment etc.) or exceptional costs (e.g. mentor, coach, visa, travel insurance etc.) can be taken into account to make your project successful.

Additional means of support include:

  • Advance Planning Visit: Planning visits help to build trust, understanding and a solid partnership between organisations; young people can be involved in such visits.  
  • Additional Group Leaders: It is possible to include more group leaders than the strict minimum, to run an inclusion and diversity project.
  • Mentorship: Some young participants with fewer opportunities could benefit from the support of a mentor, for instance during a European Voluntary Service.
  • Linguistic Support: Organisations can apply for additional funding or access to online support for linguistic training in long term EVS projects.
  • Recognition: Every participant in an Erasmus+ youth project is entitled to a Youthpass. This is just as much a tool to reflect on learning as it is a certificate and can be helpful for young people in unemployment when looking for a job.
  • Open Applications: When organising projects for young people with fewer opportunities, it is possible to apply for a project grant without having recruited the particular participants yet.

Sounds just like what you were searching for? Contact your E+ National Agency today and find out more!

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