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Numerous projects across Europe have already benefited young people who need a little push to overcome obstacles such as disability, discrimination or social exclusion. Get some inspiration to develop international projects for ALL.

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Sintija Berzina, inspiring person
(LV/ENG-3:01-Latvian NA-2019)

Inspiring story of Sintija, in a wheelchair, who never thought of doing a youth exchange and blossomed because of the international projects. "if I can, you can!"

ZINE-Camp - We have a voice

A creative youth exchange about media production and maga'zine' creation, giving LGBTQI+ participants of different walks of life, the chance to express themselves. "An experience of taking life in our own hands!"

International Youth Work Night
(ENG-4:08-Limerick YS-2019)

Past participants and staff shared their experiences and the benefits of international youth work through the Erasmus+ programme

Stories of our Erasmus+ days
(IS/ENG-1:21-Icelandic NA-2019)

The story of an international camp (youth exchange) for young people with mental or physical disabilities. "This experience has made our group stronger!"

European Bridge in Our Mind
(LV/ENG-3:58-Latvian NA-2019)

A life-changing group volunteering project that gave 6 Latvian and 6 Georgian participants with different abilities and challenging life situations a chance to contribute and exchange. "If you want something, go for it, or you will regret it for the rest of your life!"

Ready to start in Solidarity 
(ENG/DE-4:59-SALTO ESC-2019)

An unconventional mixed-ability team volunteering project working towards a theatre production on inclusion. "We support people who otherwise would not be able to participate!"

No difference
(LV/ENG-3:51-Latvian NA-2019)

An activist solidarity project to bring people with diabetes together to share experiences and combat stereotypes against them through a variety of workshops and events. "The project gave us a voice!"

Building Bridges through Diversity
(Various-2:55-Kreisau Init.-2019)

Zooming in on 2 youth exchanges in Greece and how you can create bridges between young people from different backgrounds and with different abilities through creative activities. "We learned how to be ourselves and to love each other!"

Building Bridges through Diversity 
(Various-5:31-Kreisau Init.-2018)

NEET & solidarity 
(LV/ENG-4:20-Latvian NA-2020)

Personal stories of young people in NEET situation, how they joined in solidarity projects and what they got out of them. "The project really helped me to move forward!"

Europe for all 
(DE/ENG-2:47-JA Walberberg-2018)

Martin from Austria describes in his own way how short-term volunteering (previously EVS) in Germany helped him to grow personally and professionally. "And I had a great time!"

Girls Rock
(IS/ENG-1:52-Islandic NA-2019)

An inclusive youth exchange with young girls with diverse abilities and different social backgrounds. "Music empowers and creates confidence!"

Jump into volunteering! WHY
(English-3:00-Finnish NA-2020)


We asked some organisations why they host/send volunteers with fewer opportunities via the European Solidarity Corps, and this is what they said.

Jump into volunteering! VOL
(What volunteers gain)

Jump into volunteering! ORG
(What you need to know)

Jump into volunteering! QUA
(How to ensure quality)

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