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YOUTHPass 8KC folded - Fortune telling origami

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Did you ever play Fortune teller origami? Probably when you were young. Connecting origami with 8KC framework brings playful hands on activity with a lot of group dynamics and creativity.

Aims of the tool

To raise understanding of 8 Key competences framework and how different activities contribute to the competence development.

Description of the tool

Folding pre-designed template and have a lot of interaction in a group.

Expected learning outcomes:
- to establish link (understanding) how concrete competences are "connected" with 8KC framework;
- to raise understanding and relevance of 8 KC framework;
- to raise awareness of Youthpass as a tool for self-assessment and recognition of non-formal education;
- to know more about support materials for implementing Youthpass.


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Tool overview

YOUTHPass 8KC folded - Fortune telling origami

This tool is for

For various target groups. Most suitable from 10 and more (preferably even number; if we have odd number of participants, than facilitator should also play the game).

and addresses

Personal Development

Materials needed:

Room big enough for all participants to move freely.

Printed layout of YP–folded for every participant:
- YP-folded_version1: competence task part
- YP-folded_version2: empty paper - to fill in with own ideas and Key competences description

Publication »Youthpass unfolded« and other Youthpass publications for distribution to the participants.


Short version approx 30 min (If you fold origami in advance)
Longer version 1h30min

Behind the tool

The tool was created by

Tadej Pugelj

in the context of

Tool was created as a tool to ease "placement" of competences into 8 key competences framework (Youtpass process).

The tool has been experimented in

Many training events, youth initiatives and EVS training cycle events.

The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Tadej Pugelj (on 13 November 2014)

and last modified

8 November 2014

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