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The Toolbox for Training holds a collection of resources useful for training activities in the youth field. In order to be able to check the quality we only list 'training tools' in English.

They can be of various types: energisers, exercises, (powerpoint) presentations, background & reflection texts, CD-roms, videos etc

They can be about various topics: anti-racism & cultural diversity, social inclusion, EuroMed, South-East Europe, project management, intercultural learning, etc

You can easily add a training resource or tool online. When submitted, the SALTO Toolbox administrator will get an automatic notification and after a routine quality check (and if needed some editing in order to make it coherent with other tools in the toolbox) we will switch the tool online.

You can also update and rework the tools you added via "Manage your tools". Simply login (with your SALTO username and password) or register via MySALTO. In case you forgot your password, you can request a new one via MySALTO.

How to use the toolbox:

  • ATTENTION! It is your responsibility to obtain permission from copyright holders or their representatives as appropriate, and failure to do so may constitute an infringement of copyright. When using works created by others, it is your responsibility to ensure that your use falls within the terms of any license associated with the work. If the license does not permit the use, then you may need to obtain permission from the copyright holder to include the third-party work in your work.
  • Make sure your tool hasn't already been added by another user to avoid unnecessarily burdening the site. You can use the search function to check if your tool is already listed.
  • Please feel free to rate and leave a comment if you find a tool you have already encountered! This is very important to see how the tool has been used!
  • Please don't add any training course (or seminar) reports if there are no tools for learning inside
  • If you want to add a Powerpoint presentation, make sure you subjoin the necessary comments first, so these presentations can be comprehensible and useful to others

Other questions? Send them to toolbox

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