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Mapping the Community

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The participants are being divided in 4 groups and given 4 different tasks of making a needs analysis.

Aims of the tool

This exercise is aiming to be an example on how to make a needs analysis in the local community by involving the members or the volunteers of your organisation.
During a training course it can be a stimulator for a discussion on the needs of the youth and the local community in general or an actual needs analysis for introducing the creation of non formal education tools in order to face an issue.

Description of the tool

Divide the group in 4 subgroups and give them the paper with the instructions.
One group has to observe some details on the people in the street. They just have to go in a busy street or square, observe and make some notes.
The second group has to conduct some interviews with local people with no age limit. They have to create the questionnaire themselves but advise them to be short.
The third group has to decide a method on how to identify the typical week of the youth. Ask them to find information from at least 5 youth.
Te fourth group has to ask people in the street if they know about non formal education. If yes, what they know and if no what they believe it is.
After the main activity they have to present the results and then you open a plenary discussion about them.
[please find the instructions at the attachment]

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Tool overview

This tool is for

Youth workers, trainers, educators, volunteers

and addresses

Group Dynamics, Project Management

Materials needed:

You need to print the instructions and if there are any cameras, ask the participants to film some of the interviews (not necessary).


10 minutes for dividing groups, explaining the tasks and answering to questions
30 minutes for the activity
20-30 minutes for presentation and discussion

Behind the tool

The tool was created by

Formal Education meets Non Formal Learning, The Competence Based Approach

in the context of

Filaretos Vourkos

The tool has been experimented in

a training course for creating non formal education tools

The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Filaretos Vourkos (on 30 January 2013)

and last modified

9 November 2012

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