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BE MOBILE KIT is a tool for mobile youth workers, it helps organizations who just started or are planning to start their mobile youth work journey, it improves knowledge, shares good examples of mobile youth work activities and promotes creative thinking.

Aims of the tool

The cards were created in hopes to help organizations and youth workers who are starting out their mobile youth work journey. Their aim is to:
* improve knowledge of mobile work activities,
* share good examples of mobile youth work activities or some new possibilities, that youth workers can use in their working area,
* promotes creative thinking.

Description of the tool

BE MOBILE KIT has 64 cards divided in three parts:

*32 RESOURCE cards with pictures of things that are / can be used in mobile youth work. Members of the group each pull out one card, then are given 3 min. time to come up with an idea of a mobile work activity (it can be a used one or a new one). Each present to others the created activity, they vote who has the most creative / promising one. To make the creation process harder, everyone has to pull out two cards.

*16 SITUATION cards, each card contains a situation that has or could occur in mobile youth work. Each participant draws one card, they are given 3 min. time to come up with a solution. Each present to others the solution, they vote who has the most creative / promising one. To make the activity more interesting, the best solution can be played out as an improvisation theatre act.

*16 METHOD cards, each contains one mobile youth work activity or method. These cards are created to explore the possibilities of mobile youth work activities or ways of doing it. They work as a simple manual before going to the mobile work place - what to implement, what to take with. The can also be used to create discussions, each person can draw one card and discuss with others for whom, where this activity should be, what to take with, how to implement etc.

Also, this is a KIT, that can be used in the mobile work activity itself, played out with kids or youngsters to promote their creative thinking or give out knowledge of mobile work. Not only that, but if used by youth workers within one organization, it can create a discussion of how to improve their mobile youth work plan or use their recourses in a different way or in a different place - create diversity in activities.


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Tool overview


This tool is for

BE MOBLE KIT was created for mobile youth workers, but it can be used by anyone who is interested to create new activities for youngsters (or in general) or learn new methods of mobile youth work. We suggest to use it in small groups (4 - 6 people) so everyone can share and discuss, their creations or thoughts. But it can also be used on a big group. Situation and recourse part can be played out as a game together with youngsters, as the tool also promotes creative thinking. The possibilities for a creative mind are limitless...

and addresses

Social Inclusion, Personal Development

It is recommended for use in:

Training and Networking
Capacity Building

Materials needed:

For the activity to be implemented, you will need to print the cards attached to this description.


The duration depends on how big the group is, but for 4 - 6 people one part (resource, situations, methods) takes 10 to 15 minutes.

Behind the tool

The tool was created by

Gulbene district youth center "Bāze"

in the context of

Erasmus+ Small-scale partnership project "Be Mobile!", Nr.2022-1-LV02-KA210-YOU-000084078

The tool has been experimented in

"Be Mobile" resource tool promotion events (in Latvia and Romania)

The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Linda Ļapere (on 28 March 2024)

and last modified

27 March 2024

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